Danish Language and Culture

August 20th till December 16th 2017

Purpose and learning objectives
This course offers students an introduction to the Danish language, culture and society. The course is for foreign students or other students that do not have Danish as their mother tongue, e.g. students that have lived a long time abroad or grown up without the opportunity to learn the language.

The main learning objectives are
Training the practical mastery of the Danish language and learning about its grammar and construction:
Exploring various aspects of social and cultural life in Denmark – e.g. business, education system, arts, politics
Understanding the explored phenomena in a historical and societal context.

The programme will be conducted in an interplay between lectures, training sessions, exercises, projects and field trips. The use of the Danish language is trained by dealing with a variety of cultural and societal subjects, e.g.:

Politics and political culture
Labour market and its regulations
Welfare systems
Art, e.g. film, sculpture, musi
Journalism and media
Food and life style

The student will be trained in expressing himself – orally verbally and in writing – and in analysing problems and debating in Danish. The teaching will be differentiated according to the student’s mastery of the Danish language. The texts being used are chosen to bring insight into and understanding of the Danish culture and society.

During the field trips the participants will visit different institutions and communities. One field trip will go to Copenhagen and include a dialogue with politicians, cultural leaders and participants in community projects.

The life at a boarding school with a majority of Danish students will be the ideal environment for acquiring familiarity with language, social norms and culture.

The course will last 17 weeks and take place from August 20th till December 16th 2017.

The student must be at least 17 and a half-year old at the start of the course. Basic knowledge of English or Danish is a requirement.

The tuition fee is 127 euro per week. The fee will cover tuition, accommodation and meals. It is possible to apply for a scholarship by giving an account for the motivation to participate and documenting the applicants’ state of financial means.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please use the attached form and send it to the principal of Askov Folk High School, Klaus Majgaard, email klm@askov-hojskole.dk no later than May 10th 2017

The attached form